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How to get the right laptop for your needs?

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When you shopping to get the right laptop, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about size and speed. There are many other considerations when finding the right model for your needs and price range.

Different types of laptops

The terms “laptop” and “notebook” are often used as general descriptions. However, they can be divided into smaller, but not necessarily mutually exclusive, subcategories.

For example, an ultraportable can also be a 2-in-1 convertible that functions as both a laptop and a tablet. Additionally, many devices that are designed like tablets can function like laptops with the addition of a keyboard. Some of them are specifically designed for this, such as various models of the Microsoft Surface series.
Basic, mid-range or high-end laptop?
Initial stage
If you’re looking for an inexpensive laptop for basic tasks and occasional or light use, and you’re not too concerned about performance, weight, or battery life, you can look for “budget” models under $500. can find .

These inexpensive laptops are relatively powerful but capable of performing common computing tasks such as web surfing, e-mail, and general word processing. They can perform the most basic multimedia tasks (such as standard definition video streaming) and are ideal for general users and young students.

Middle range

If you want to get the right laptop with you when you travel, you need something thin, light and easy to carry. Look for ultraportables (including ultrabooks).

Generally, mid-range laptops are designed for casual computer users, families, students and business people and can run most programs and games on them, such as heavy video editing and gaming. You need. Fast graphic processing.

High Quality

If you want something that offers desktop computing power and is relatively easy to port, look for a powerful processor (preferably the latest generation) and plenty of RAM (16GB minimum). Some high-end models are “gaming laptops” with particularly strong graphics performance thanks to dedicated graphics cards and ultra-fast, high-resolution displays.

High-end laptops are designed for serious computing enthusiasts and professionals who want to stretch their systems for resource-intensive tasks such as video and audio editing, programming, 3D rendering, and high-performance gaming. .

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or Chrome OS?

Operating systems polarize opinion. In the tech room, if you ask whether you should go for a laptop or tablet running Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or Chrome OS, there’s a heated debate that goes on for a long time and who wins goes) “you” insert “you are fine”).

get the right laptop

Each system has its strengths and weaknesses, but choosing one is important as it also affects the choice of software and hardware solutions. This is certainly true of Apple products and especially ChromeOS.

Apple’s macOS (formerly OSX) runs only on the Apple family of computers and iPadOS runs only on the iPad. Other operating systems such as iOS (iPhone), TV OS (Apple TV) and WatchOS (Apple TV) designed to run smoothly. Work with your operating system. Apple Watch).

Chrome OS runs on laptops, desktop mini PCs and dedicated PCs. Setup is usually relatively easy and often requires an Internet connection.

Even for non-commercial users, Microsoft Windows comes in several editions: Home is a consumer edition, Pro is for more serious users. And Windows is an S-mode alternative to Chrome books designed for lightweight laptops. Is.

Windows and Chrome OS are very compatible with Android these days. But not nearly as much as Apple’s tightly integrated hardware and software ecosystem.

Android has also moved beyond Its phone roots and is seen as a separate operating system for tablets. Samsung and Lenovo particularly noted .

What to get the right laptop?

Central Processing Unit (CPU).
It’s the computer’s brain. Core count, processing power, and price point are all good indicators of the overall performance level of a given processor.

Laptops typically use low-power processors to maximize battery life.

The speed numbers listed aren’t directly comparable, so be careful when comparing Intel’s processor family to its main competitor, AMD.

The same is true for each product subfamily. For example, Intel’s Core i3, i5, i7, and i9 are very powerful even at the same frequencies announced in GHz. In just like the M-series processors built for ultracomputing like AMD Ryzen processors.

Newer generations of processors are generally faster than previous generations, even with the same chip frequency. So you can expect a 2.4GHz 10th gen CPU to be faster (and possibly more powerful) than a 2.4GHz or earlier 9th gen CPU.

RAM (random access memory).
Insufficient RAM slows down your computer when you run multiple programs. It use multiple web browser tabs, or perform tasks such as image rendering.

Even low-end Windows systems require at least 4GB. But aim for at least 8GB for standard laptops and 16GB or more for higher-end models. Don’t leave your RAM when buying, as you may or may not upgrade later.

The quality of the screen

A smaller screen usually means a smaller, lighter laptop. But a larger screen (especially higher resolution) is better for viewing graphics, games or movies. Despite the physical size, most low-end laptops have low-resolution screens of only 1366 x 768 pixels. Please check before buying.

Most mid-range laptops have at least a full HD screen (1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixels), but higher-end laptops have higher resolution screens.

there is storage space
Don’t forget the size of the space you need. If you don’t want to overuse your cloud storage, make sure you have enough space for all your existing programs and files, as well as the video and music collection that many people have these days.
Solid State Drives (SSDs) are rapidly becoming storage devices and the price drop for Solid State Drives (SSDs) has led to hard drives becoming the storage device of choice in most laptops today. replaced. It’s still available on certain models and is usually cheaper.

However, SSDs are much faster than hard drives and can greatly improve your laptop’s overall performance and extend its lifespan. 256GB or more. Also see if you can expand your laptop or tablet with a microSD card to add more solid state memory.
Many computers, especially thin and light ultraportables, do not allow for subsequent upgrades of internal components. In other words, it’s better to check for RAM upgrades or insufficient space in the command beforehand. Spend extra money on RAM to make your computer last longer.

When you get the right laptop, It’s getting cold

Parts of your computer can get hot, especially the inside of your laptop case.

As the name suggests, it can be uncomfortable when using a computer, so find a warm spot under your computer after a while. If you are using it on your lap also check the vents on the bottom of your laptop and make sure . This can generate a lot of heat.

Graph paper

Most computers have an integrated graphics processor (called an “integrated graphics card”) rather than a discrete (“dedicated”) graphics card.

Higher-end models may have dedicated graphics cards with their own video RAM.

food supply
This is often called a “brick” and is the same parts and cable you use to connect your computer to a standard wall outlet. If your phone battery doesn’t last long and you can’t leave a brick at home, you can take it with you and charge it to increase your workload.

When you get the right laptop, Battery life

Long run times between charges are especially important for ultraportables. Ultimately, you lose portability when you have to carry around a power bank and charging cable.

Ideally, I’d like to work all day without electricity, but that depends on what I plug into my laptop and what it draws power from.
I don’t want to carry around an external power supply or cables. Our battery life test looks at heavy use conditions to give you an idea of ​​worst case results, but for most people, everyday use is fine.

Long battery life and fast charging are essential for extended use. We also recorded twice the charging time from 80% to 100% capacity for each laptop. Please note that above 80% the download speed will drop significantly. In some cases, it can reach 80% or more, with an additional profit of 20%.

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